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I am an Artist! Being an artist feels like I have a connection to nature. I am also writing a book about being an artist! My website:

Why do we overthink what we are doing?

Marsh scene I was painting at St. George Island FL.
Marsh Scene I was painting — photo by Marsha Savage

The plan for the day is to work on our objectives. I’m telling myself this, and I’m telling you to do the same thing. In my world it could be how to create a painting. It could be about the business side of my art.

Is there a plan? Does…

A discussion about composition

Sketchbook Design — Created by Marsha Savage

There are many struggles we go through during the process of creating a painting. Creating a well-composed painting is a huge one. The public has no idea and only sees the finished product.

We get past this struggle by knowing why we are painting a particular vision.

One such struggle…

It is called practice.

Photo courtesy of Marsha Hamby Savage, The Artist

Painting is what I do. Study and practice is something I embrace! It is called miles of brushwork if you are a two-dimensional artist.

I know it is a complement if someone says to me: “I wish I had your talent.” …

Want to feel like a beginner again?

Painting with Oil on location (Plein Air), courtesy of Marsha Hamby Savage, the artist!

I remember painting plein air for the first, second, and third times but feeling like a complete beginner. It was strange when I could paint something worthy of a frame in the studio and carry to a gallery, but this plein air stuff was way more difficult for me!


Your voice is unique and so should your paintings!

“First Light Show” Oil 24"x20" painted by the Author

What is style as it applies to painting? Are there parameters? Does the image above show a certain style that you could name?

I have been painting for 49 years. It has been a fantastic journey, and I plan for it…

Lose control so you see where the growth could be!

Splashy oil painting under-painting as a demo by author Marsha Hamby Savage

What fun it is to let go of a little control! Isn’t the above image fun to look at?

Think about the possibilities of where the painting can go from this kind of beginning.

I see a field of grass, and the trees behind that. Maybe that dark shape in…

Figuring out what to paint is hard

Old red kitchen table with a glass vase of dried limelight hydrangeas, books about art, and a coffee mug.
Kitchen table with an antique vase of dried hydrangeas — photo by the Author.

Draw something. Anything! When you start out it probably isn’t going to please you. It might not look at all like what you planned.

Just paint anything you want, isn’t that what most artists do?

Yes, maybe at the start of being an artist. Beginners start out painting anything and…

Planning your time each day is the best!

Photo of the Savage Studio ready to teach a lesson. Photo by author Marsha Hamby Savage.
Photo of the Savage Studio ready to teach a virtual lesson. Photo by author Marsha Hamby Savage.

I rise earlier each day than my husband for the specific purpose of reading newsletters, articles or creating them. I do enjoy having my coffee with me to start the day.

The TV news is on, only as background noise. There is no one to ask me questions or read…

There is so much advice it’s overwhelming!

Photo of two books, especially the “Steering the Craft” book about writing and creating a story, by Ursula K. Le Guin. — photo by author Marsha Hamby Savage.
Photo of two books, especially “Steering the Craft” book about writing and creating a story, by Ursula K. Le Guin — photo by author

I’m writing a book. Isn’t everyone?

I am here on Medium to learn and keep honing my ability to write.

How do you find ways to learn new things to help your writing?

I am a bookaholic! I always have about a dozen or so books within my reach or at least where I can see them. All of them are “in the…

Getting older is not for sissies

Personal Items In My Studio, wall art, box of pastels and family memorabilia — photo courtesy of the author Marsha Hamby Savage
Personal Items In My Studio — photo courtesy of the author Marsha Hamby Savage

How many times have you said the above sentence about getting older is not for sissies?

We make it through something hard but come out on the other side of that with a renewed interest in living a better life!

I hope you are living your life with purpose!

My other wish for you is that you are being…

Marsha Hamby Savage

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