I am an Artist! Being an artist feels like I have a connection to nature. I am also writing a book about being an artist! My website: www.marshasavage.com

Why do we overthink what we are doing?

Marsh scene I was painting at St. George Island FL.
Marsh scene I was painting at St. George Island FL.

The plan for the day is to work on our objectives. I’m telling myself this, and I’m telling you to do the same thing. In my world it could be how to create a painting. It could be about the business side of my art.

Is there a plan? Does it need to be written down? During a marketing workshop, I was told some years ago about creating a weekly plan using a program that would show the week and times of the day.

I tried to use the process by filling in all the things I needed to do…

A discussion about composition

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There are many struggles we go through during the process of creating a painting. Creating a well-composed painting is a huge one. The public has no idea and only sees the finished product.

We get past this struggle by knowing why we are painting a particular vision.

One such struggle that surfaces many times while painting is when to stop!

Many good pictures are ruined by constant striving to make them better. Over-modeling and accenting detail or highlights is an over-influence of realism. (Edgar Payne from “Composition of Outdoor Painting”)

I love this quote from the book “Composition of Outdoor…

It is called practice.

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Painting is what I do. Study and practice is something I embrace! It is called miles of brushwork if you are a two-dimensional artist.

I know it is a complement if someone says to me: “I wish I had your talent.” Talent does not necessarily get you from point “A” to point “B”, but practice will!

If you do another kind of art, then you know there are skills you need to internalize by doing them over and over. And over! Learning to embrace the small things needed to do your kind of artwork is essential. …

Want to feel like a beginner again?

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I remember painting plein air for the first, second, and third times but feeling like a complete beginner. It was strange when I could paint something worthy of a frame in the studio and carry to a gallery, but this plein air stuff was way more difficult for me!

Why not embrace the feeling of being a beginner? There is nothing to lose by doing so. If you do, there is no expectation except to have fun with the process of painting on location. …

Your voice is unique and so should your paintings!

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What is style as it applies to painting? Are there parameters? Does the image above show a certain style that you could name?

I have been painting for 49 years. It has been a fantastic journey, and I plan for it to be for the rest of my life! I have been through different styles all along the way.

The love for me is painting nature. My work is representational, with a little impressionism thrown in there. I do have people tell me they can spot my paintings. But, I don’t…

Do thoughts have an energy of their own?

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Do you believe there is an energy out there that your thoughts and ideas go into?

Is it possible we could tap into others’ thoughts without realizing it?

Have you had this happen?

Do you have times you say something and get a funny look from whomever you are talking to?

The next thing you hear is, “I was just talking about that yesterday.”

Spooky? Weird? Maybe!

I will be thinking about some “thing” and mention it to a friend. They may do that to me, and we realize we are thinking about the same idea at…

Does your brain refuse to be quiet?

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  1. One of my biggest problems was trying to figure out what “keep it simple” meant.
  2. There are way too many discussions about this concept.
  3. If you are detail oriented, how do you simplify the work.

I always felt it is impossible to keep it simple!

If I love the detail in the leaves on a tree, or the moving water around a rock, how can I simplify those things? By virtue of what those two scenes portray, they are full of little details!

Simplify them? How on earth can I reduce the image to two or three shapes and make it worthwhile? Who…

When can you call yourself the “artist?”

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Recently I had a conversation about using the “title” of your passion, or a creative activity you invest your time in, and claiming it as your own.

Once you start doing something that requires creativity of some kind, your own input, your own feelings, or anything along these lines, you can call yourself these: “artist,” “writer,” “gardener,” “cook,” etc. Any of these do not necessarily require a diploma or years of college!

I have been painting since 1972. That means I have 48 years of experience in the field of painting. I have taken workshops from excellent nationally known artists…

Why does everyone say forget the end product?

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The journey is the day-to-day work we do. If you do not enjoy doing that work, then why are you doing it? Are you in it for the money or the notoriety?

To produce a product is why most people create something. Am I right on this thought? That end product will be judged on its merits against others that are producing something similar.

Why did I show you the above image?

This scene was started on a failed oil painting. I reuse my panels because I can! I turned it horizontally as the first image was vertical. This helped me to not be influenced by what was…

And where do those hours go?

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The best days for an artist are when we have uninterrupted time doing our art. If we are pulled away, there is a tendency to call it “lost hours.”

In the life of an artist, there are many hours or days, where roadblocks come along to keep us from doing our art.

A good thought can be when doing something non-art related, it might inspire the next painting. The time away from our art, the visual distance or a needed break, brings fresh eyes to the art piece we are currently working on.

Being creative in some way, is what makes us happy.

Getting caught up in our creativity is…

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